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Endodontic surgery is a surgical procedure performed to treat disease in and around roots of teeth. Each surgical endodontic procedure is designed to help patients save teeth that would normally require extraction. Some of the reasons a patient may need endodontic surgery include:

  • Diagnosis — Sometimes when there is a problem in the root area that cannot be detected with an x-ray, endodontic surgery can aid your endodontist in the diagnosis and treatment of your dental issue.
  • Calcification — When calcium deposits make it too difficult for cleaning instruments to reach the very end of your tooth roots, endodontic surgery may be necessary to clean out the deposits to widen the canal.
  • Damaged Root Surfaces or Unhealed Teeth — If a tooth won’t heal after root canal therapy, or the root surface of the tooth becomes damaged, endodontic surgery may be necessary to save your tooth and alleviate your symptoms.


The most common type of endodontic surgery is an apicoectomy. Apicoectomies, or root-end resections, involve removing infected or inflamed tissue deep within the tooth or at the end of the tooth roots. During this endodontic treatment, the gum tissue is opened to gain access to the infected or inflamed tissue. While the harmful piece of tissue is removed, the very end of the tooth root is removed with it. Once the area is thoroughly cleaned out, a small filling will be placed over the end of the canal, and the gums will be sutured to promote faster healing and recovery.

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EP Root Canal Specialists is a specialty practice which focuses on two areas of dentistry: Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy) and Dental Implants.

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Jena Sison

I want to thank Dr. Chen for explaining everything to me and even showed the xrays .He was very gentle,soft spoken and smart. I trusted him immediately. I did not experience pain or any discomforts. Thank you Iris for making me comfortable . Kudos to the staff at the desks. You were all very kind. Over all I experienced a five star costumer service.

Maria Trejo

Doctor Cao was very accommodating in treating my root canal. She ensured seat was slightly elevated due to nasal issues I have. She was understanding and made me feel comfortable.

Ruthann Hercliff

A first time visit as I passed through El Paso while traveling as a nurse. A pleasant overall experience during an otherwise really stressful situation. Everyone was very kind and helpful during their interactions with me. Dr. Cao was so friendly, knowledgeable, and was very thorough in her explanations of the treatment being provided. Having dealt with a variety of providers in many disciplines through my profession and practice, I have to say that the bedside manner and treatment given was what every practitioner and their staff should strive to. Thank you for a pleasant experience during a stressful and normally unpleasant process.

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