EP Root Canal Specialists


What is the difference between an endodontist and a general dentist? Endodontists are dental specialists who undergo two or more years of specialized training...

The field of Endodontics is to study, diagnose and treat the diseased pulp tissue (‘nerve tissue’) to prevent toothaches and eliminate infections.

Each one of your teeth contains a pulp chamber made of living connective tissue which contain nerves and blood vessels. When your teeth become decayed, .

Root canal therapy is a procedure to remove infected pulp tissue. The pulp is the soft core inside the tooth which consists of nerves and blood vessels.

Root canal retreatment is necessary when your dentist discovers that your tooth did not heal as well as expected after initial root canal therapy.

Endodontic surgery is a surgical procedure performed to treat disease in and around roots of teeth. Each surgical endodontic procedure is designed to help patients..